The Wellington

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How long must you stay in this format,
Will it take time or space,
My mental capacity quivers at the thought,
A thought that a change will manifest and change my beloved perplexed spirit.
From an embryo to an infant,
An infant to a boy,
A boy into god,
You were created in love,
A love so pure that man can not speak of its existence,
A love that is will vanquish all doubts of preconceived notions.

My love I have forsaken all that have loyalty to thine self,
How long must I wait for you?


Nadya Kurgan Sleepy Hollow by Anastasia Fursova

I love a beautiful bright hue with deep brown skin.
Sara Batt in Julia Steller


Guim Tio Zarraluki


Brian Vu - More from the ongoing series True False


Vanessa Billy - Roofs (2009)